Monday, March 2, 2015

Who owns that blog anyway?

I wondered who set up a blog with This post:
Following these instructions just allowed me to find a name, 'mullins' for the blog which isn't much help.

Setting up Blogger on my website

There are a lot of choices of blog sites and tools. I decided to use Blogger because Google owns it, it's free, looked easy to set up, connected with Google+ so my 3 followers can easily find me:)
Bluehost only provides instructions on how to set up Wordpress, so I used these instructions instead:

To put Blogger on your site you need a subdomain. Through cpanel's domain management and Subdomains I created
Then at you create your blog.
Next under Blogger's settings/advanced you add a 3rd party url to, in my case, Clicking the save button gives you an error message and instructions to add two CNAME entries into your host server's DNS settings.
In the Host Record put 'blog', the Type is CNAME, Points to is Clicking add record gave me an error that the record couldn't be added. The problem was that when Bluehost creates the blog subdomain it adds an 'A' record with the blog name. I wanted to add a CNAME (alias) and it won't allow both. What I did was delete the A record blog, then I could add the CNAME blog.

Going back to the Blogger settings page and clicking the save button gave no errors this time. Now entering in either or brings up my blog.

Starting up

Just starting up my blog. First problem that I ran into was that my gmail username was supposedly already used. Who could have it?